FUSION story continued:
This revolutionary process was created by Dr. Leon DeJournett, a Stanford-trained ICU physician with 30 years of ICU experience. He first became interested in glucose control in the ICU setting over fifteen years ago when he noticed wide glucose swings in diabetic patients he was treating. Believing there must be a better way, he studied how the pancreas and liver work in unison with one another to provide tight glucose control in healthy individuals. Hoping to replicate the body’s natural rhythms, Dr. DeJournett used his computer coding skills to write algorithms that mimic the workings of the native pancreas (insulin release) and liver (glucose release). These algorithms make up the FUSION system’s bio-inspired, expert-based rule system.

The FUSION system is already undergoing clinical trials, and the first closed-loop glucose control system for use in hospital settings is closer to becoming a reality. Impressively, the AI method used by the FUSION system for glucose control has the potential to be used for the regulation of other bodily systems in the future. Closed- loop control will improve outcomes for patients, reduce mortality, cut the baseline care costs for hospitals, increase bed throughput, and let nurses focus on what’s most important – providing stellar care!