With the current open loop method of glucose control, the ICU nurse must check the patient’s glucose level as often as every 1 hour in order to maintain glucose control. With the FUSION system, the nurse only needs to “hang” new bags of intravenous insulin and dextrose once a day and calibrate the Dexcom G6 CGM twice a day. The marked difference in time spent on glucose control between the FUSION closed loop system and the current open loop method of glucose control can be seen in the below graph.

Not only will the FUSION system save ICU nurses valuable time, it will also lead to safer and more effective glucose control. In our comparative simulation study, the FUSION system easily outperformed Glucommander, which is the current leading open loop insulin dosing software system used in U.S. ICU’s.

Our comparative simulation article can be seen in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology under the title Comparative Simulation Study of Glucose Control Methods Designed for Use in the Intensive Care Unit Setting via a Novel Controller Scoring Metric.